Winter Olympics

The body loves variety. The body is the same as the seasons: It likes change. Priscilla Welch, British marathon runner

The start of the Olympics was tonight and D is planning on coming over as during the day my job put me in a bad position. I don't know what my company plans on doing with me but I have been left with no work today. My project manager and Project architect are both out and the entire day...

I was floating around, surfing the web and doing some running related stuff to keep me busy.

So the fun part with D is that CD, my old running partner on the monday group runs, he works with D. Valentines Day is coming up and this past Monday, D told me that she did not have a date or Valentines to hang out with...

Mind starts to spin as gears start to turn. Knowing that and having a little crush on D, I had decided to send her flowers to her office. I didn't want her to know it was me and I sent a secret admirer card along with it.

I didn't know if the flowers were going to be sent on Thursday or Friday, so I wrote to CD, telling him a cryptic message giving him a heads up.

From his perspective, when the flowers were delivered to her office, D was going crazy! She frantically asked everyone that she knew if they had sent her flowers, 2-3 facebook messages, called her mom twice thinking it was her that sent them...and sent me an e-mail asking if I sent anything to her office.

I played dumb. I asked her what was sent? Why would I ever send anything to her office? I played it as I was teasing her like a little kid making fun of boys and girls having kudies!

The entire day was pretty much on this conversation. And it was hilarious hearing how fluttered she was from trying to find out who "this person" was, she called her mother twice, she wrote on facebook and posted tons of comments, etc.

It was so funny!

So when she arrived at my place as she was going to pasta or Carb up, I totally forgot to get the tomato sauce...great! I caught her on the way in and she asked me again...I denied, with a grin on my face, she caught it and I denied, denied, denied...but she had me pinky swear and I could not do that or tell a lie, just was not worth it!

As we were making food, I had to confess and she was HAPPY it was me!

Awesome! It was a fun day...

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