I race in order to dig deep within myself and see what I'm really made of. Maggie, Runner from Idaho

So how do I resolve my own personal issues?

I run....and I had planned on running two loops...so did that on a cold night.

It was tough as I got all of my frustrations out early on and ran really quickly...it was exhausting, good but exhausting. I'm finally feeling somewhat confident in my Boston training, although I need to start, starting out slower and increasing my speed.

I did a loop without avail and people just started calling out my name...wait, who are you? I couldn't see them, but it was good to know that they recognized me.

As I stopped on the first one I tested myself with lunges (sp?) It was tough, but I kept it going from lightpole to lightpole. My legs were burning and it was a good hurt that I felt after one.

I started to do another loop, but this time a 5 miler that didn't include the hills in the park. I saw Lauren (who I later found out her name) who was doing her training runs and was ending her session. I was on a slower "jog" but she got me going.

She was FAST! A 2:46 marathon runner, where her boy runs a 2:35? Wow! Serious power running couple...supposingly running for Manhattan Track Club.

Ok, I chatted with her for a bit as she kept me going and dropped me off after Engineers Gate. She was booking as I had already did lunges, ran about 8 miles and my legs were tired...

I tried to end up well and continue on, but then stomach issues had errupted as I tried to go to the bathroom near the shakespear playhouse...


Ok, run at a slower pace, grip on and it eventually subsided...wheew! Ran all the way home ok...got home and let it rip!

Good times!

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