Alz, night...

Our sport becomes not just what we do but an integral symbol—on all levels—of who we are. Gloria Averbuch

So, nothing much exciting happened today at work other than...well...yeah.

So I bit the bullet and signed up for the Alzheimer's Run for the Memory program for the Boston Marathon. I had been on the fences, because there are many different reasons:

1) I'm sort of a sponsored athlete now, sponsored by Brooks and it's Inspired Daily Program (ID Program)

2) I hate asking people for money, but it's one of my deepest darkest causes that I support and means so much.

3) The split support of Boston and New York...so, I do have a plan for that as well...

After work I awaited for the many meetings that I had falling on one night.

My Junior Committee Meeting and the Run for the Memory Boston chapter for Alzheimers.

Both...were for the same cause, and both fell into the same time frame. I had to pick and choose and I chose what I can actually attend...the Junior Committee...because I was actually there and really hate being on the phone.

All good!
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