A Beautiful Weekend...

Tears streamed down my face as I crossed the finish line. I was a new person, a runner.
Thomas King

Woke up quite late this morning as there was no races and it was the weekend...

My roommate V was just about to get ready for her run and I was just waking up and not ready for my own...but asked her to wait...V did and we ran together to Central Park.

I didn't mind at all running at her pace as she zinged ahead at first and I thought it was unusual. But, kept up and as she entered the 3 mile mark, she had to slow down. I was fine with this as I encouraged her to do more than she wanted. We ended up taking the longer route as well...going the full loop and harlem hills. I wanted to show her the whole loop of the park, although she had to stop and walk many of times...which was ok! I wanted to let her know that she can challenge herself and go through the full loop of the park...but there was one thing I didn't realize...she was to do 7 miles with me, as I left her at the mouth of mile 25 at the NYC marathon right at Central Park's loop edge...and there was still a mile left to go home...so all together she was going to so 8 miles!

I continued on because I needed to get some good mileage in for a long run. I needed to get at least 12 miles. So I geared up to do another loop, but got distracted by GW as he was resting for the NYC half and enjoying the nice weather.

We chatted with another coach who was stunning and she developed the charity group's program and infrastructure. It was about an hour that I stopped and talked and by that time, I wanted to just be done with my training run...I was enjoying too much of this weather and really enjoyed it to the fullest.

The rest of the day? Watching a little of the March Madness...and going to bed early for the NYC half as I need to wake up early to help volunteer at the water stop!

Ok, good night!
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