Time doesn't stand still, and you don't stand still. Things change within yourself, within your life, and within your sport. Priscilla Welch, British marathon runner

Uh! So almost making it to work and right around 14th street...I usually run in the bike lane, so? What's wrong with that?

There was a guy that was coming down and he was on the inside lane...but so was I in a way..ok, bikers going with the flow of traffic...they usually get the outer lane and they move fast!

So, I'm the right way right? Because I feel that he can move faster to the outer lane and I am already on the inside lane, so I am ok!

Wrong, this guy wanted me on the outer, while he wanted to take the inner...WTF!

He then gives me some lip and puts out his hand (like he was playing around) put it in my face to think about...

Wtf? Did I know this guy? It seemed like it at first, but then realized what an ass he was!

Uh! Crazy Ass Hole!
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