A blur...8K?

You should not be flying down the home straight. Most of your efforts should have been put forth earlier.
John Treacy, Silver medalist in the 1984 Olympic marathon

8000...What is that exactly? An 8K...k?

Sure, waking up in the morning hearing rain...rain and more rain and walking to the subway station was not particularly fun. It was windy, cold and rainy, not really my ideal conditions for a racing experience.

So...get to the race all whine and cold, see fellow flyers JH and TB, and fellow Alzheimer's Run to Remember teammate: LC. We walk to the start together and I am in bitter shock that the NYRR would let this race go...tornado like winds in Central Park...rain that splattered on your face like bullets...

Uh it was utter chaos and no one really wanted to hear the announcements or hear the national anthem. We were just here to do the race, get in, get out and move on...

It was so cold during the race as fellow flyer JA ran along side of me...saying some words that I just zoned out and continued running...uh...is this race over? That's all I kept saying to myself for some reason...

1) I didn't get enough sleep last night

2) It was crappy weather and I have not really raced in a whole while

3) The joys of just racing...doesn't really appease to me anymore for some reason. I have much more joy in just taking pictures of my teammates, being out there and cheering and just enjoy spectating.

But yes...during the run, just trying to get comfortable, relaxed and well...rain drops and cold pellets hitting your face...not really a suitable place to get comfortable in, so just tried to do my best and just enjoy it...keep going...dazed and confused!

Ahhh, hurting, pain, cold...

Ok, it was just miserable, just let's get this over with!

Finish line near...


Get my bags, walk to subway and go home...shivering, wet, cold and straight into bed, couch, hot cocoa, or warm shower!

It was rough!
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