Bridge Runners

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Confucius

Come on...faster?

The course, Brooklyn Bridge over to Brooklyn Prominade to manhattan Bridge and back...

The whole run was based on a tempo run, sprint-stop-sprint-stop-sprint-stop...run-rest and repeat.

What feels like a 10 mile run is actually like a 7, but the intensity level is scorchin.

The sprint, stop effect really gathers the intensity of how quickly you can get to one place to another adding hill elements to the run and gathering the roles of "who's first"

It really doesn't matter who is first, what really matters is how you use your intensity and how you factor in your form and comfortableness...I'm getting ready for Boston and that's what really matters...which these guys are getting me ready for.

Also, the little sprint between D and Chang really sparked things up...gosh, had to bring back my sprinting abilities back!

It still was D's birthday and she had a little randevou over at a bar...chose not to go because I was too exhausted and needed some time...
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