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The expression 'misery loves company' is meant for winter running. As I'm lying in bed on dark, cold mornings, it's a lot harder to talk myself out of getting up when I know I'm accountable to other people.
Jason Lehmkuhle, of Team USA Minnesota, runner-up at 2008 U.S. Half-Marathon Championships

Ok, so I woke up early to get down some longer mileage. I wanted to do somewhere between 12-16-18 miles...but to my dismay, I ended up doing 21 miles...


It was a gorgeous day out today, shorts were flying and long sleeved shirts or even t-shirts were worn and I made myself make it to the Scott Jurek run at 8...NOPE...missed it. He was only running 5 miles anyways, so I needed to do longer.

I ended up doing a regular 6 miler and then chilled at 72nd street transverse for a while for the Saturday Group run and met up with many of my old Flyer buds. I ran with E for a while until he cut out at the top of Central Park. After that, did some drills at 72nd and worked more on my form, speedwork drills and just strengthening stuff.

I beat myself up, talked to Frank for a while from TFK and then ran another 6 miles...totaling 21 when I got home...very crazy!

Then I had an appointment at the blood center (first time going) at 1:50...opps! I was late and got a little lost!

Yeah, went to the bathroom, filled out the forms, got my finger pricked and then....

They told me I was too late to give platelets, because it takes forever (2 hours!!!)

But I was bummed...really? Yeah, but I was able to give blood! Oh well, can't get everything right?

Opps! Well... Back in trader Joes right now, buying my groceries to lug up...they ran out of PASTA! Can you believe that? They are my supplier for PASTA!
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