Once you are a runner, it's always there in the back of your head. Bill Rodgers

There are lots of things that goes through a person's head as they come right back from someone's wake.

A co-worker of mine had recently passed away on her trip to Peru with her family and it is simply sad because it brings up two notions.

One: the people whom have passed in recent times who you have known and would honor.


Two: simply the graciousness of who and what that person has in your memory that simply you remember about.

Elizabet was a great person whom I had worked with on a project and had humorous conversations with in the morning when the very few people would be at work. Her smile and laughter was very infectious and it really helped that sher took nothing really seriously and never complained. Her sarcasm was very rude, crude and blunt...but it was hard not to take it as a laughter of a joke. She was a very sweet person and true to the heart.

It's just amazing today to see so many co-workers go to her wake. Its the honor that you get when you are not with us any longer and you will never get to Thank...the people that you spend so much time with...

It's very scary...
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