Is that you?

I don't know how the creative process works, but it always seems, as I'm running...that thoughts start coming in; sentences start coming in. Robert A. Caro, biographer

My friend JK sent me an e-mail today saying:

JK: On the NYRR Homepage? I took a screenshot in case you haven't seen it and it changes...
I sent her a response after checking the NYRR website:

ME:Yup! They use that every time...
Yup...I'm like their poster child for this race....Wonderful...

Her response:

JK: Ha ha i love it. Asian kid in a kilt, plus the patriotic headgear. Your the total package.

And then mine:

ME: Yeah they also took a video of me last year and they showcased it on Club Night because I always wear my Flyers shirt as well..

Kind of crazy huh?

Yes...the total package...rough!

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