The distance race is a struggle that results in self-discovery. It is an adventure involving the limits of the self. Paul Weiss

Speedwork this morning with C proved that I need a little more communication and one v one with people when I coach. It's interesting though to learn and teach a person the fundamentals. No, I don't mean that it's a bad thing, every once in a while we need a refresher on the little things that we do over the years that we have kept to and adapted to our own strides. We can not see our own selves when we run, we have to ask other people to advise us on our little quirks, etc.

So...it was good and hopefully C can change, make better and develop...it takes time to be a good runner...hell, I am not even a good runner yet and I am learning each and every day. Though the benefits of teaching someone and analysing them, it's really priceless in the end.

After the speedwork session, I had been debating the whole weekend to switch to my "new" phone since I have had trouble with my existing one...track ball, program issues, and other stuff. But I took a nap instead...the week really killed me and the 21 miler really consumed my legs to being very stiff this morning.

I had a massage with good friend AC, whom I had been really goof friends with since the Urbanathlon a couple of years back with PBJ. So she gave me a "full" body massage and telling me what to stretch, all the strains and muscle techniques that come with it.

It was nice to know that I didn't have many kinks that I thought I was going to have, which AC thought the same as well...

Oh well...
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