NYC Half

As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are. Joan Benoit Samuelson

Wake up in the morning, feeling like...

Uh! 4:30 in the morning as I got out of bed to work the water stations and had the bright idea to run down to the water station stop...um...

It was dark out and I ran through Times Square...out towards the west side highway and saw Rocketman as I passed him with 10 minutes to spare...he was huffing and puffing for some reason?

I don't know why...we filled up water cups and waited for the race to start.

It was chilly and we formed as a group...the flyers with a bunch of other people...we had fun...although most of us had been there so early!

We waited...and then we saw...the front runners were absolutely amazing, then the monsterous crowds of runners..until the bus and the back of the pack...the fun bunch!

We were finally done, as we poured out half of the cups that we had already made...it was because we were about 800 meters away from the finish line...I mean seriously, how many people take gatorade and water when they are 800 meters away from the finish line?

Anyways, it was a fun day as I really took pictures throughout the session...my volunteer credit is done at least!

Fun times...
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