People sleeping

People sleeping on a tired friday morning...it was pretty funny seeing a women just sloop down and wobble right, left...straight...it was actually really amazing!

But this brings about a vulnerability factor in this...sleeping in any public place brings about a kind of vulnerable aspects in our lives...

What happens if you sleep on another person' shoulder?

I mean really...the rocking of the subway, really brings somewhat of a nice, easy ride...perfect for a Friday morning commute.

I didn't get to post this this morning due to the fact that I was wiring the NYF blog post from the
NYRR Team Club Night.

So...rough week at work...crazy stress, tired and letting things just rest and die. There was a whole slew of things that have effected my life as I try to bring back an equalibrium and stability of just getting back on track.

Life is a little nuts sometimes...but yes, I'm on the subway on a friday night watching all the couples going to their various locations. It's funny how love is real, love is in the air and well...

Maybe it has to do with spring?
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