Running to work

The secret shared by women runners: running is not just physical exercise but a spiritual, mental, and emotional journey. Runner's Gazette

Yes...today was the first day I ventured back to work where it was actually warm outside. I had forgotten how exhilarating it was to run to work as I ventured in and out of the streets and back and forth. It was getting warmer and well...hot!

By the end, I figured I hit around 3-4 miles as going through, stopping was quite annoying, but it's just funny watching people look at you as you run to work with a bag full of crap on your back...

Alzheimer's group meeting tonight as I won't be running back home and today is St. Patrick's Day...

Oh...and on my way walking to the Alzheimer's meeting, I GOT HIT ON BY A GAL!

Ok, don't flatter yourself too much. I think all she wanted was for you to join a pub crawl and then pay for your drinks along the way...yeah that's probably it!

Ha...like a gal wants you!
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