Hopkinton to Woodland

I do my best thinking when I'm running. I don't know why that is - everything seems to flow so easily. It's almost a spiritual thing for me. Apolo Ohno, Olympic Speed Skater

Woke up after about 5 hours of sleep last night as I had the feeling of lateness...but we were on time as AD and I got into the car, I received a phone call from RS, the coach of the Boston Team.

Opps! I was late as everyone was already there. AD agreed to drive me all the way to Hopkinton and I was really reluctant to have such a good friend wake up early in the morning and appease to my mistakes!

Best line last night though was AD asking me to open up her trunk and see if there were any dead people in the trunk. Oh that was funny!

Anyways, stop by a Dunki Do-Does and move on...it started snowing a bit as we went towards a deli to ask where we were at, luckily the team was at the gas station right next door and I jumped out and caught up with them.

Then we drove to the start and AD left. It was a smaller team this year...well, not many people showed up and there was a change in age differential. I mean everyone was nice, but the dynamic has changed. This may be my last year doing the Boston Chapter's Alzheimer's team as I have geared up our own running club and pretty much was forced to fundraise for two different teams, but same Alzheimer's Association.

Crazy, yes indeed.

As we left Hopkinton, I took the beginning hills to my advantage and really geared up. I want to learn to start slow and then have enough juice at the end to really turn it up at the hills and downhills when I reach into Boston. So start slower...but not too slow.

I felt good and accelerated. Not accordingly to plan...this is bad...but kept with it. I was going pretty much 7's and I wanted to go 7:10's to gear up to a comfortable pace...but I felt comfortable...there are parts where I remember that I was tired during my first time around, but still...keep with it and keep going.

Every 3 miles there was a water stop and we had 3 different people that was able to circulate amongst us all...because I was the fastest...it was had to catch up and have a large gap in between me and the first timers...RS, the coach, and I understood each other and it was nice to meet up with an ex-runner before on the team, KL.

But man, did I feel great!

First 3 was all of them, 6 was all, 9 was KL, 12 was another person's wife and then came 15 was KL...and 17 was RS, but that was after I completed the hills and up towards the second one, but my mileage was up and had to turn back...in all 21 miles? And at 17 miles I was averaging something even more than I had expected to average...

6:46-48 pace average...

It really felt terrific, but I felt it...but also I didn't take any GU's or Gels either...so hunger was setting in. My mind was focused and I know the course pretty much by heart. I do enjoy the course, although there are times where there are hills and flat straight aways that are unbearable....

Keep pushing! I have 2 months, I never would have imagined me being at the stage of fitness of where I am right now because of all of the setbacks. It's a great feeling!

Oh it felt great! EM gave me a ride back to Somerville as I awaited for AD to have a burrito with me...what a day!

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