Today’s morning run was just typical…although it started out pretty chilly in the morning.  Both of my roommates were already up by the time I had gotten up, all the boys that live in our apartment (which is now up to 6 people: 3 ladies and 3 guys)  The boys wake up much earlier than the gals…although the gals went out last night to the strip club (shan’s work).


Did my usual run to work as I zipped from street to street, following the street lights as the lights dinged from red to green, hand sign to walker.  There was one road, near Macy’s Herald Square, which was roughed up and ready to get repaved…well, the light just turned, people were walking on the cross walk and I had to change directions from straight to left…zipped around and maybe I took too much of a gravital force on the turn, not enough traction on my shoes and almost slipped!  Ok…I must have scared a few people, but still I was still on my feet.


Got to work and in the elevator, a women asked me if I was cold or not (I had my typical sleeves, tshirt, shorts...) I told her that I was on the fences of wearing something warmer, but your body just tends to warm up.  She said the day was “crispy”…not cold, not cool…but CRISPY…


Excellent!…crispy huh?

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