Friday - 16- Leg cramp!

Woke up this morning at 6:30 after getting about 5 hours of sleep due to packing, cutting my hair and just getting ready for this marathon.

After the NY Flyers meeting last night as I was walking back home, you start to get the feeling of going for it...it's all the pent up energy that you have from not running and just pure nervousness...

Uh...what to do!

I do know that I do need to be conservative and not go out too fast, I do not want to be sucking air and be all exhausted...I just hope I do...actually do that!

After returning home, I went to work right away. I scrapped the whole dying of my hair bit, shaved my hair into a mohawk that was really long due to me saving my hair since January and well...got to work on packing and screen printing my shirt...No iron on letters of my name this year...it's all business here folks and it's time!

But seriously, I need to weigh down the possibilities of headgames and know that this is a LONG weekend...seriously, if you have never done Boston, it gets to being quite the LONG weekend. The race never comes so quickly, but you have all these events planned for yourself and wanting to do so many different things that it really exhausts you.

So...I need to rest and this morning was not much of the indicator...put the shooting pain of good old lactic acid cramping up your muscles right behind your knee and your calf...oh the joys...really...it wasn't the greatest of "pleasures" in my life, but this mornings pain came really close to wow...waking up and feeling ALIVE! Well..call me MR sicko, but seriously...it was "pleasureable".

Got all my stuff packed...felt as though I had missed something or forgot to pack something, but was out the door in a jiffy...

Subway by the 6 train, went to drop off a card for J and then pick something up from JL (alzheimer's R2R coach) and quickly walked to work...

One more day...just get through work without any problems!
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