Just fire me already...

After yesterday’s crazy day in the office and everything happening before 9am…I tried to get up a little happier this morning and accept more time to calm myself down. My roommate was telling me (since I live with 3 females) that since there cycles were going on…and I may have been drawn to their cycles that I was PMSing as well. Crazy? Maybe, I have no clue. I just know that hopefully it is over and I can move on with my life…although living with these females isn’t really that bad and you really cannot notice these changes at all (since I live with reluctantly “normal” people, it’s really nice to not be effected by this)

My day usually starts with some type of craziness where running to work seems to be very constructive and gets my juices flowing. Although it brings some anger in my life…but only for a short while. It’s very strange.

I mean, I feel closed in because of my job situation and some would say that you need to just quit and move on…

Anyways, something happened in Times Square today as I ran along and through…and as I got to work…I’m guessing the hot water did not work….

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