Ok, so I have not written in a while and this maybe the only opportunity to catch up to all of the factor events...well...we shall slowly recap everything that went on from the MORE weekend to Boston weekend.

Let's see...

Yesterday morning I may have disrupted some people's commutes by flying by them...uh! I hate when people come out of no where and I was already late! Opps! It's really my fault when that happens!

So, I get into my office and find some facebook messages with PPP or P...I guess my keys got pushed and send and pushed again and send...my status was PPP...opps! Maybe the keylock would be good sometimes and useful in these terms. I had sometimes even called people...yeah, it's pretty bad as this run calling is as equal to butt dialing!

But short run during the monday group run because Cel was injured (as well as if she can or can not do this weekends marathon) and Rocketman is gearing up towards the Rhode Island Marathon...

I ran back home in the COLD WET RAIN! Uh, it was dreadful!

Anyways...all good, rest day today as I need my rest and this is a testiment to resting your body, getting sleep and eating right. The season is a long season and this is the worst time to get injured because the spring weather is perfect!

Stay strong!
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