A recap - Good Friday

Life is short. Running makes it seem longer.
Baron Hansen, Danish architect

Well...since I have not been keeping up with my writing abilities, I need to write on my "off" days when I ride the subway in to work and give my legs a rest.

The subways are rather empty and streets pretty bare as it is a "holiday" today, where most people take the long weekend off...Spring break is also on the minds of many kids and maybe that's why I woke up in the morning as vandalists were on the top of the building's rooftop, as my roommate comes back from work at 5am in the morning and places the blame on me that I didn't wake up and scare them off...as they shook the building pretty much lraving by the fire escape...damn hoodlems!

Anyways, rest day today, no running as I probably will walk home tonight...ride the subway into work and walk back home.

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