Keeping my eye on today is about all I'm capable of. And today, I think I'll go for a run.

John Bingham, "Back to the Future," Runner's World

Ok, woke up this morning at 5:30 am. One of my roommates called me because he left his key with a friend. I waited for him...as he told me to open the door.

He told me that he would take 10 minutes...ended the phone conversation at 5:35.

Ok, 5:45 rolls around...where is he? I turn on the TV and wait..


Ok, I gave him a call...

He told me that he was right at the entrance way and I rang him up...I stayed up as now I was into the cheeziest movie.

Ok...he told me this ridiculous story as thought you were in the movie the Hangover...he was in a black cab, punched the driver because he was sleeping and the driver woke him up, then he ran away from the driver (he already paid)...then he bought a sandwich...and finally came home.

He also told me about the party he went to where this half asian gal was hitting on him (mind you that he is gay) and he was being coy with her, but she liked it and then he told me that he was engaged to her...and he kept referring to her as his wife as he is also from Ireland and he wanted a green card from her (but he was kidding around)

Anyways, finally went back to sleep after the movie was over at 6:30 and was going to get up at 7:30...but really got up at 8 because of the snooze button.

I needed to head up to the saturday run at a new location at NYRR because the NY Flyers had a promo deal with New Balance to test our their shorts as a consumer survey. Ok, sorry Brooks, but I needed to do this, anything for free stuff right?

Anyways, as I was running up towards NYRR, I hear my name on the street somewhere at 70th street. It was ST! Ok, I'll wait for her...and I changed directions since she LOVES to go her way, which was to go across to Central Park and enter at 72nd street and always runs down 72nd street at the end of her runs.

She's so funny, she told me that her and JH bought an apartment above her sister's place in Boston (guessing it's on the south or north side) anyways, she was a proud home owner now as they will be moving pretty quickly in June...I'm going to miss them, but JH will still be in NYC and at least when she returns I can see them...or go over to Boston and stay with them.

We ran together as we chat all the time whenever we run about jobs, family, and other stuff...she's an amazing runner who can keep up with me stride for stride...

We arrive to NYRR as we are impressed with all the NYFers out there who arrived! We started the run (unfortunately my camera did not work because I did not charge my battery! Opps!) But yes, we rolled around the park as ST was stride for stride with me again. We went up harlem hills as I tried to zoom up and get ready for next weekends challenge (ST did not let me go away, she challenges herself and stuck with me) as we rounded Central Park...we see MR G at the end and I said hello, he responded saying hello back and remembering my name!


Anyways, I kept telling ST about these shorts.

The shorts were pretty long comparably to other running shorts. Maybe I got a lot larger size than I had expected, but it felt larger. The brief inside was different than other running briefs as it felt a whole lot looser. The package was not really cupped and did not provide the usual support as other running shorts do...this can be good or bad...depending on the runner as the good side it provides a more freer feeling and not as much structure inside the pants...I was telling ST that it felt as through I was naked running through Central Park!

Anyways...to my gals running in the Paris Marathon tomorrow, may they have the time of their lives and most importantly have FUN...also to you JH as you are running as well!

Fun times today with ST!
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