Bad day

Do not underestimate the intimacy of running, and the people with whom you share your miles.
Kristin Armstrong, Mile Markers blog, Runner's World.com

So...woke up this morning already feeling like today was going to be quite the bad day.

I got up in the middle of the night at 3am in the morning, not even knowing why...maybe it's because it's so hot!

It's weird the weather in March to being so warm...80 degrees?

I work up with a massive dark rain cloud over my head. (Maybe it was because I went to bed with a grudge) My one of my roommates was bitching as I was in the bathroom...and when I came out we spoke. No big deal as we have fun in a mocking way.

Ran to work...but today was different where I nearly get side swiped (car, person, I donno anymore!) and another walker changed his step and closed me in so I was going to run straight into a bollard! WTF!

Get to work and tried to log onto my computer with my user name and password...did not comply...great, wonderful, I entered way too many times, so now it locked me out...I tried to wait for IT, but I needed to send something out this morning!!!

Ok, called the head offices in Toronto and they got me through...

All these things happened before 9am in the morning, seriously?

There was also a HUGE bee in the office where one of my Project Managers wanted me to go kill it, but really knowing my morning already, seriously I would have gotten stung!

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