Memorial Day Weekend...

I don't like the hills so I can avoid the hills, but I know I need the hills and must conquer the hills.
Ted Spiker, The Marathon Virgin blog at Runner's World.com

It's the very start of the Memorial Day weekend and knowing the fact that our company gets out at 3pm is quite daunting...because every minute you are waiting for the hours to pass and quickly get up to the winding day into the 3 day holiday...

We were all instructed to leave at 3pm, I had another agenda, where I needed to complete the Marathon Training program for the Alzheimer's Association Run to Remember team.

I needed to do this and check it thoroughly because it's the memorial day weekend and it was time to get all of these first time runners off the coach and get moving...

Uhh...long day came to an end and decided to walk home in my Five Fingers...to strenghten up my legs of course! And boy, the city is EMPTY!

I love that feeling though...got home, quickly got my dirty clothes together and scratch off one chore for the weekend to being done: Laundry, Check!

Get up early and round out a good distance mileage for tomorrow...then give blood...then chill out for the weekend!
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Week Summery

Ok, so I haven't had the time to really write this week and I will try to get to all the major topics that I have had, but just to sumerize before the actual write up, this is what happeded this week:

Sunday: Happy Hour at the Park, Tiffany's arrival...12 + downtown deliveries = 20

Monday: Runner'sworld gig, Jamba with Tiff

Tuesday: Speedwork in Central Park, meet up with Ali

Wednesday: legs tired, Alzheimer's selection, HOT and Steamy

Thursday: Gingerman early, JFK 50

Friday...well that's today!
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Watch and J's wedding

Skipped the Brooklyn half and decided to sleep in today as it was J's wedding reception and I didn't want to miss it.

I figured that I had enough celebrations in the past 4 weeks and I needed a running break. It was a good excuse to not run and yesterday's 5 fingers run with VN was a killer.

I awoke at 7am thinking I would go for a 20 mile run, but that quickly changed to a longer nap as my lower legs were sore. Seriously, it hurt and I didn't even imagine having some of these muscles that I had in my legs that were sore...

11am quickly came as I showered and got ready for rocketman to pick me up, but in the process of putting on my shoes, I found a little surprise...it was my watch that I had thought I had lost after doing a practice run on the Boston Marathon course. I had thought I had lost it when we transferred out of CH's car and into GW's when we were done that day or I had thought I had forgotten it in the car...I was grateful!

Jaim and I up, I awaited outside of my apartment, enjoying the nice weather...as we sat there waiting for Rocketman to show...

Jman's reception was really a whole lot of fun. The party was small and it had a cozy feeling to it, I mainly stayed near the group of Flyers that were invited (em, jaim, rocketman) as the reception, food and friends were great.
There was a major sad part, somewhat happy where Jman recognized both of their mothers looking down on them. I know about Jman's mother because J donates a whole lot to my alz

I got back, maybe hoping to get a run in, although felt tired from the drinking and festivities that I just layed on the couch and watched some movies...

Until it was time to go to LH's party in the lower east side, where on the subway I had seen a grandparent asian couple, where I had reminisced about my grandfather and the very ways of all my grandparents...change over at Union Square, but made it about half an hour late...then no one was there...looked around, as I was right about to leave, they showed up...stayed a while since they were runner people and now, just waiting for the subway...long nights!

What to run tomorrow...what to run?
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Thursday: Run home

After a long day which started off running along Time Square, in and out and cutting through streets, sometimes even making it into a clip of the daily morning shows...I did not gather any pennies today, but on my way home, I got the big enchilada! A whole nickle!

Hey I'll take it!

After the long day of 3D modeling I was then instructed to build a foam model and had to stay late because another co-worker who was on the project could not do it because she was pregnant and the fumes would have been bad for her (so they give it to me? Arg!) Anyways, that's a story by itself.

So, I left work late and wanted to drop off the Lava Lava to Papo...since he had requested one and it was Boston where my sister had brought it into town, so I ran up to meet up with him (he filled me in on all the TFK group, as I see them occasionally from time to time)
It was a muggy night as the temperatures just changed from cool to muggy warm, SPRING!

Anyways, as I awaited, I could feel the sweat forming from my legs as it was starting to drip down (ugg! Yes, probably looked like I was peeing down my pants!)

After that, ran home and made it half way, until my sister called and I talked and walked the way back...
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No run

Ok...so today I needed to give my legs a rest from running...

No big deal. They deserve some sort of rest...no?

I mean I was lucky that I was not planning on going to the Brooklyn Half this weekend because I would have really gunned for a PR on that course and I would have tried to PR in general with my half times...

Is it not ridiculous that my marathon time in the half marathon is faster than my PR in just my half?

I know I have not written in a while, but I'll try to catch up with all the daily events...life has been seriously busy for me as finding alone time has been difficult to just chill out and write...

I'll try to catch up with the daily events this weekend!
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Monday - Road Kill

After being in a van during these relays your mind starts to drift and all you can think about is running...
Ok, never mind! I have not written in a while and for the next two weeks I will be "taking off" meaning not much racing going on, which is very good in terms for my body.

I started to run to work again, as last week I took the whole entire week off due to recovering for my 50 miler. Indeed, I needed it and it was good to have the lower mileage at the Ragnar Relays, which we found out that we got 3rd amongst the mixed division (hard to believe, due to the amount of time we got lost)

On my way to work, I spot about 3 pennies - 3 pennies richer and hey it's money...then I spot ROAD KILL...seriously, usually when you run up in Westchester and you spot something like this usually it's a squirrel or some other kind of animal on the side of the road...in manhattan and the city, it's not so much like that...it was a RAT!

Oh man...it was rough, but all I could think about was the fact that we were counting road kills (when you pass a team in relays, it's call road kill) and the amount of people I had caught.

Road Kill...awesome!

How many did I catch during the Ragnar Relay?

Leg 5: 3-4 teams
Leg 17: 8 or 9 teams (so close to double digits)
Leg 29: 11 in a 3.2 mile leg

Quite impressive for the double digits in a short amount of time, but it was amazing!
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Monday: Still sore

Woke up this morning feeling as crappy as ever...

Why did I decide to do this?

Nothing is getting any better...

Yeah, feeling sore as ever as all that muscle tension and fatigue still is there...

Getting out of my cubbie hole, ouch! Uh...going down the step ladders, ouch!

Ok...leaving my apartment!

Ouch! Each step, down my apartment steps, rough! Ouch!

Uh! Walked to the subway...down the stairs...

Seriously, I think I am punishing myself here as I take every step down...this is nuts!

Up and down the stairs, wheew!

Ok...finally to work as I am out of breath...wow, that was exhausting!
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Orchades in one hand

Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought my mother flowers for mother's day. I was going home and thought of getting flowers anyways, so why not.

Good thing they were small though, but I was a bit quizicke about the transportation part, especially in the subway and large crowds and what not!

But I got to work ok with them (as pretty much all week I did not run - since Wednesday?)

Work was a bit rough on the edges (still have a ton to do, so I may go in on Sunday to hash some of it out)

I got my big old bag on my back and well...filled up with all my running gear that I have no clue what to expect in this race. Seriously, I am not going to lie, I am really scared about this race.

Elevation changes, technicality and other stuff...

Go big or go home right?

Total Elevation Gain: 7,038 feet
Total Elevation Change: 14,074 feet

Lowest Elevation Point: 122 feet
Highest Elevation Point: 1,339 feet

Yes, I am on the train now and have to walk back to my parents house, get the car and drive to get some groceries, then eat and go to bed and wake up at 3am in the morning...

Race starts at 5am and I have top get there by 4:15! Crazy!

Wish me luck!

First real Ultra...

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Long day at work as the work load just piles back up again...seriously there is no compensation for all these hours and man o man, I really need to find another job.

Got out of work at the usual time when I am suppose to get out took the subway and got home at 6pm...went straight to the laundry and did other shopping (including buying my mother a mother's day card) and got back at a reasonably good time...

I tried to go to bed early, although I started a project up last night that I should have done 3 years ago...the piles of running shirts just pile up at the foot of my bed and well, I began to just rip them apart...got 6 done in 30 minutes...if I continue that rate, it would be great!

The bad thing?

I just started with the year of 2008 and this is 2010...so two more piles of running shirts that still need to be done, which maybe I'll just combine all of these years together!

Or at least 2009 and 2010...
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Run home

Boy was it hot last night running home...and I have to say that even a high tech garmin has trouble tracking you by satilite in NYC. It got me running at a 5 min average pace last night as some of my split times were pretty darn fast!

I stayed late at work as I was on my feet around the clock, coallating drawings and making sure 6 packs of prints went out for our set. I was suppose to wash my clothes at the laundry...arg!

Anyways, hoping to do that tonight as my legs feel as though they are sluggish. They need rest and I'll give it to them since they will be working hard this weekend and they had worked hard for the past few weekends to obtain some crazy goals of mine.

So...what's in store this weekend? The big 50...just to complete, although in my mind you have to do a 50 miler before a 100 miler right? Although I really know how to pick my 50 milers though...

The Bear Mountain is probably one of the hardest and more technical races there is...

We'll see if it kicks my butt...it will, I know that!
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