Long day at work as the work load just piles back up again...seriously there is no compensation for all these hours and man o man, I really need to find another job.

Got out of work at the usual time when I am suppose to get out took the subway and got home at 6pm...went straight to the laundry and did other shopping (including buying my mother a mother's day card) and got back at a reasonably good time...

I tried to go to bed early, although I started a project up last night that I should have done 3 years ago...the piles of running shirts just pile up at the foot of my bed and well, I began to just rip them apart...got 6 done in 30 minutes...if I continue that rate, it would be great!

The bad thing?

I just started with the year of 2008 and this is 2010...so two more piles of running shirts that still need to be done, which maybe I'll just combine all of these years together!

Or at least 2009 and 2010...
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