Memorial Day Weekend...

I don't like the hills so I can avoid the hills, but I know I need the hills and must conquer the hills.
Ted Spiker, The Marathon Virgin blog at Runner's World.com

It's the very start of the Memorial Day weekend and knowing the fact that our company gets out at 3pm is quite daunting...because every minute you are waiting for the hours to pass and quickly get up to the winding day into the 3 day holiday...

We were all instructed to leave at 3pm, I had another agenda, where I needed to complete the Marathon Training program for the Alzheimer's Association Run to Remember team.

I needed to do this and check it thoroughly because it's the memorial day weekend and it was time to get all of these first time runners off the coach and get moving...

Uhh...long day came to an end and decided to walk home in my Five Fingers...to strenghten up my legs of course! And boy, the city is EMPTY!

I love that feeling though...got home, quickly got my dirty clothes together and scratch off one chore for the weekend to being done: Laundry, Check!

Get up early and round out a good distance mileage for tomorrow...then give blood...then chill out for the weekend!
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