Monday - Road Kill

After being in a van during these relays your mind starts to drift and all you can think about is running...
Ok, never mind! I have not written in a while and for the next two weeks I will be "taking off" meaning not much racing going on, which is very good in terms for my body.

I started to run to work again, as last week I took the whole entire week off due to recovering for my 50 miler. Indeed, I needed it and it was good to have the lower mileage at the Ragnar Relays, which we found out that we got 3rd amongst the mixed division (hard to believe, due to the amount of time we got lost)

On my way to work, I spot about 3 pennies - 3 pennies richer and hey it's money...then I spot ROAD KILL...seriously, usually when you run up in Westchester and you spot something like this usually it's a squirrel or some other kind of animal on the side of the road...in manhattan and the city, it's not so much like that...it was a RAT!

Oh man...it was rough, but all I could think about was the fact that we were counting road kills (when you pass a team in relays, it's call road kill) and the amount of people I had caught.

Road Kill...awesome!

How many did I catch during the Ragnar Relay?

Leg 5: 3-4 teams
Leg 17: 8 or 9 teams (so close to double digits)
Leg 29: 11 in a 3.2 mile leg

Quite impressive for the double digits in a short amount of time, but it was amazing!
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