Orchades in one hand

Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought my mother flowers for mother's day. I was going home and thought of getting flowers anyways, so why not.

Good thing they were small though, but I was a bit quizicke about the transportation part, especially in the subway and large crowds and what not!

But I got to work ok with them (as pretty much all week I did not run - since Wednesday?)

Work was a bit rough on the edges (still have a ton to do, so I may go in on Sunday to hash some of it out)

I got my big old bag on my back and well...filled up with all my running gear that I have no clue what to expect in this race. Seriously, I am not going to lie, I am really scared about this race.

Elevation changes, technicality and other stuff...

Go big or go home right?

Total Elevation Gain: 7,038 feet
Total Elevation Change: 14,074 feet

Lowest Elevation Point: 122 feet
Highest Elevation Point: 1,339 feet

Yes, I am on the train now and have to walk back to my parents house, get the car and drive to get some groceries, then eat and go to bed and wake up at 3am in the morning...

Race starts at 5am and I have top get there by 4:15! Crazy!

Wish me luck!

First real Ultra...

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