Run home

Boy was it hot last night running home...and I have to say that even a high tech garmin has trouble tracking you by satilite in NYC. It got me running at a 5 min average pace last night as some of my split times were pretty darn fast!

I stayed late at work as I was on my feet around the clock, coallating drawings and making sure 6 packs of prints went out for our set. I was suppose to wash my clothes at the laundry...arg!

Anyways, hoping to do that tonight as my legs feel as though they are sluggish. They need rest and I'll give it to them since they will be working hard this weekend and they had worked hard for the past few weekends to obtain some crazy goals of mine.

So...what's in store this weekend? The big 50...just to complete, although in my mind you have to do a 50 miler before a 100 miler right? Although I really know how to pick my 50 milers though...

The Bear Mountain is probably one of the hardest and more technical races there is...

We'll see if it kicks my butt...it will, I know that!
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