Thursday: Run home

After a long day which started off running along Time Square, in and out and cutting through streets, sometimes even making it into a clip of the daily morning shows...I did not gather any pennies today, but on my way home, I got the big enchilada! A whole nickle!

Hey I'll take it!

After the long day of 3D modeling I was then instructed to build a foam model and had to stay late because another co-worker who was on the project could not do it because she was pregnant and the fumes would have been bad for her (so they give it to me? Arg!) Anyways, that's a story by itself.

So, I left work late and wanted to drop off the Lava Lava to Papo...since he had requested one and it was Boston where my sister had brought it into town, so I ran up to meet up with him (he filled me in on all the TFK group, as I see them occasionally from time to time)
It was a muggy night as the temperatures just changed from cool to muggy warm, SPRING!

Anyways, as I awaited, I could feel the sweat forming from my legs as it was starting to drip down (ugg! Yes, probably looked like I was peeing down my pants!)

After that, ran home and made it half way, until my sister called and I talked and walked the way back...
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