Watch and J's wedding

Skipped the Brooklyn half and decided to sleep in today as it was J's wedding reception and I didn't want to miss it.

I figured that I had enough celebrations in the past 4 weeks and I needed a running break. It was a good excuse to not run and yesterday's 5 fingers run with VN was a killer.

I awoke at 7am thinking I would go for a 20 mile run, but that quickly changed to a longer nap as my lower legs were sore. Seriously, it hurt and I didn't even imagine having some of these muscles that I had in my legs that were sore...

11am quickly came as I showered and got ready for rocketman to pick me up, but in the process of putting on my shoes, I found a little surprise...it was my watch that I had thought I had lost after doing a practice run on the Boston Marathon course. I had thought I had lost it when we transferred out of CH's car and into GW's when we were done that day or I had thought I had forgotten it in the car...I was grateful!

Jaim and I up, I awaited outside of my apartment, enjoying the nice weather...as we sat there waiting for Rocketman to show...

Jman's reception was really a whole lot of fun. The party was small and it had a cozy feeling to it, I mainly stayed near the group of Flyers that were invited (em, jaim, rocketman) as the reception, food and friends were great.
There was a major sad part, somewhat happy where Jman recognized both of their mothers looking down on them. I know about Jman's mother because J donates a whole lot to my alz

I got back, maybe hoping to get a run in, although felt tired from the drinking and festivities that I just layed on the couch and watched some movies...

Until it was time to go to LH's party in the lower east side, where on the subway I had seen a grandparent asian couple, where I had reminisced about my grandfather and the very ways of all my grandparents...change over at Union Square, but made it about half an hour late...then no one was there...looked around, as I was right about to leave, they showed up...stayed a while since they were runner people and now, just waiting for the subway...long nights!

What to run tomorrow...what to run?
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