Walk up!

So get into work this morning to find that the elevators did not work and the power was out! Ha...wait, what does that mean?

Everyone had to walk up the stairs and my office is on the 9th floor!

So people were bitching and complaining, here and there and some people were in a bad mood, huffing and puffing and all worn out! As I rounded into the office, some people were already there and awaited for whomever to show up...when I arrived, they were like, oh this is not a big deal for you at all...and it wasn't! Well, walking up 9 floors is not a HUGE deal, but it still is a big deal.

I nearly stepped on a huge dragon fly this morning and it would have been bad luck...or I just got scared and scared the bejeezes out of me...oh well...

That's my morning commute for ya...

Oh yes, I also had to shower in the dark this morning as all I could see is my glow in the dark bracelet...cold shower, dark as I closed my eyes to shower...oh well...got out and heard the hum of the printers...turned back on the light and changed out of the dark...

Wheew! What a morning!
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