This week I was suppose to be resting for my 100 miler, although now that I have chosen not to do the race, it's a different story.

Nope...kidding. Whenever I have the opportunity to rest my legs or feet, I really should because there is a future in running for me or at least I should care about the future in running for me.

Last week JT gave me her metrocard because she was going away and she knew that I always ran to work. So, I took her up on the offer and this morning I had chosen to not run to work, but to take the subway in and rest my legs.

It really took about the same amount of time...well, shorter by subway of course, by half an hour...and I got to skip chinatown (where I usually get my breakfast and lunch) and try out a new place near the subway station at work...it was the same stuff, but it's good to know that I can just grab the subway without stopping at Chinatown now to get this stuff!

I'm taking the subway to work this week and give my legs the rest it deserves...good thing I am not doing the 100 miler, and well...I'll just stick with marathons from now on...

Oh and you know what?

Just a little frustrated by me not attempting to doing the 100 miler because I know I can do the race, it's a challenge that I know I can do, but I have only succeeded to the fact that my health is much more important since I had gotten laid off and no longer have health insurance. It just bugs me...
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Instead of waking up really early to run to work, Tuesday's are my day's off, which means weekend chores moves to these days.

Laundry is one of these chores as I dragged myself out of bed and just lied on my bed wondering why?

I'm such a busy person and in the past few days...yes, as active and personable that I am, I even get lonely...weird living with 6 other roommates and having 4 different running clubs, how can I be lonely huh?

I thought about this on my way back from practice, I thought about this waking up this morning...and when I struggled to put quarters into the damn washing machine (it got stuck...like 6 of them in a row!) An elderly lady showed me how the machines worked...prewash? Wtf!

I have always been putting my detergent in the prewash bin...OPPS!

She tells me that I need a women in my life to show me how to do my laundry...yup! That I do! Uh! Follow the directions and you will be safe brian...seriously (never my strong suit)

Anyways, as I woke up early to do laundry, I am just chilling right now on a bench outside with lady.

I see that there are more and more females out in the morning running. Why is it that females can wake up so early to run, while males have such a hard time waking up in the morning? The females are so disciplined...weird!

If you do think about it, I guess females have more to do at night and want to get their workouts done...while, for the male race, if they miss a workout, "oh well! Nothing to it"

I still feel that females are very structured, they are far more scheduled, disciplined and more in tuned. Eh! Maybe it's my estrogen talking...
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Do the things that you used to do without fear. Take the risk. It's all right to fall down and scab your knees.

Pat Tyson, Head coach of the Gonzaga University track and cross country programs

Well...let's just see...
I have barely had time to write these last couple of days and my life has been changed upside down, right side forward and so on and so forth.

After getting laid off, I enjoyed one or two days of relaxation and then finally hopped back on the bus. Actually, it was my connections that got be back into things so smoothly.

First, I contacted JLB about my lay-off and he suggested that I come work part time for him and his partner. I was delighted to, as the work would be "mindless" first getting use to it and then knowing where things are located. I would be working at the factory, where the heat and outside weather was not so bad (although today was scorching and settling in this subway car is the first time in air conditioning all day long)

I seem to be waking up earlier than my normal job (is it that I am excited to work there? Or just need to get the work done?) As I find myself running to work and then taking the subway home. I thought I had a meeting for my other job today, although that never happened. But oh my gosh! The subways take so long, and in the mist of

So, my second job was from my Team for Kid's job with the NYRR. Although, I am taking a pay cut from being a coach to being a staff member, I was able to get more hours and work for them at every practice. In the end, it's all about using one's connections, who you know and how well you interact with people.

Alzheimer's practice, where running for some in this heat is quite the change. We had a pretty good turnout, but it's really slow and steady...letting people learn and grow as a person through this process.

On the other side of things, I heard from my sister that my grandmother is not doing too well, her kidneys are failing, which includes another set of problems. I finally decided to cancel all of my reservations for the Ohio Burning River 100 miler. I was conscious and cautious of the heat as I trained mid-day to get use to it...the heat was a major factor in which I was scared of. The medical care after losing my job was another, and now that my mother is scared of my antics and with my grandmother not doing well...well, I rather leave that alone.

I had reservations about signing up for the JFK 50 and chose not to sign up. Maybe I am being a little stingent on my money, since I am laid off and want to get as many jobs in as possible.

In any case, I'll probably just stick with some NYRR races like the knickerbocker 60...do another marathon for time at the end of the year like Vegas or something...

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