Instead of waking up really early to run to work, Tuesday's are my day's off, which means weekend chores moves to these days.

Laundry is one of these chores as I dragged myself out of bed and just lied on my bed wondering why?

I'm such a busy person and in the past few days...yes, as active and personable that I am, I even get lonely...weird living with 6 other roommates and having 4 different running clubs, how can I be lonely huh?

I thought about this on my way back from practice, I thought about this waking up this morning...and when I struggled to put quarters into the damn washing machine (it got stuck...like 6 of them in a row!) An elderly lady showed me how the machines worked...prewash? Wtf!

I have always been putting my detergent in the prewash bin...OPPS!

She tells me that I need a women in my life to show me how to do my laundry...yup! That I do! Uh! Follow the directions and you will be safe brian...seriously (never my strong suit)

Anyways, as I woke up early to do laundry, I am just chilling right now on a bench outside with lady.

I see that there are more and more females out in the morning running. Why is it that females can wake up so early to run, while males have such a hard time waking up in the morning? The females are so disciplined...weird!

If you do think about it, I guess females have more to do at night and want to get their workouts done...while, for the male race, if they miss a workout, "oh well! Nothing to it"

I still feel that females are very structured, they are far more scheduled, disciplined and more in tuned. Eh! Maybe it's my estrogen talking...
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Marathon Madrigal said...

We are very structured and prefer to get our workouts done early in the morning so that we can party at night...LOL.