This week I was suppose to be resting for my 100 miler, although now that I have chosen not to do the race, it's a different story.

Nope...kidding. Whenever I have the opportunity to rest my legs or feet, I really should because there is a future in running for me or at least I should care about the future in running for me.

Last week JT gave me her metrocard because she was going away and she knew that I always ran to work. So, I took her up on the offer and this morning I had chosen to not run to work, but to take the subway in and rest my legs.

It really took about the same amount of time...well, shorter by subway of course, by half an hour...and I got to skip chinatown (where I usually get my breakfast and lunch) and try out a new place near the subway station at work...it was the same stuff, but it's good to know that I can just grab the subway without stopping at Chinatown now to get this stuff!

I'm taking the subway to work this week and give my legs the rest it deserves...good thing I am not doing the 100 miler, and well...I'll just stick with marathons from now on...

Oh and you know what?

Just a little frustrated by me not attempting to doing the 100 miler because I know I can do the race, it's a challenge that I know I can do, but I have only succeeded to the fact that my health is much more important since I had gotten laid off and no longer have health insurance. It just bugs me...
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