Summer gone?

"My thoughts before a big race are usually pretty simple. I tell myself: Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed. If you run your race, you'll win....Channel your energy. Focus.." - Carl Lewis

Like winter was over into Summer, we never had the spring time season...

And now with this rain that has chilled our lasting days of summer as we ride into the fall season, we wonder if winter is already here?

Ok, 60 degree temperatures don't call for winterous conditions, although it's a nice cool down from the humid summer that we had, which has effected most people's run.

I, on the other hand, never usually race during the summer time and had my chances of running during the month of August...which surprised me with my overall times...

Training has been tough to do because I have been overlooked and overworked...everyday seems like a work day and vacation is never there...but that's the dues you need to pay...

This time of the year, I always knew when I signed up for this gig that it's not the training that I do for my own times, thus my training is translated in the people who sign up for these charity programs to finish what they have started.

There is a difference though from these groups this year...
Although there will always be a difference because each year has a different dynamic and a different characteristic to the group.

With TFK, last years team gelled more, although I feel that this year's team is jellin now and there is more of a resemblance, but in a different way. Each year is going to be different, although I only have last year to compare it to.

With the Run 2 Remember team, I feel a grimace in the face of losing the other coach. We gelled as it was our first times doing this. Yes, I guess I am a softy when it comes down to coaching and that makes me less desirable, but I guess my personality shows more when it comes down to heart.

Overall, the experience has taught me many things this year. The balance, persistence and life of running in which I live for this experience every year. To see all of these people want to experience what I tend to do too much of and for them to go forth and conquer their dreams...

It's an experience where these members admire you as a coach, but you admire them for their hard work, their efforts and their dreams...they are doing something that maybe comes easy for you, but for them it's a reality...and you honor them for it.
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"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone." - Percy Cerutty, running coach

Even I have my limitations, as it was POURING this morning. I ran in the rain on Monday to go to work and it was...well...

Pleasant, but soaked! On Monday, as I stepped out the door the drizzle started coming down...I wasn't that hung over by it, but as I got my breakfast on my stop at Chinatown at a local bakery, the rain started to pour...and it was like that the whole way thru..over the b
Brooklyn Bridge (which I found a pen along the way), past cars waiting (which a person from my High School Track saw me and later facebooked me asking if that runner that was running in the rain at a godly sane hour was actually me...and it was!) And finally getting to the factory soaked...

Today...I differ the experience where I am taking the subway. I run to work because for me and my sane head I actually can and it makes sense for me. Weird thing is and how my brain works is that I could save the $2.25 subway fare and arrive 30 minutes later than when the subway would arrive. I travel to Brooklyn (Sunset Park) which is a good 10 miles. To many that is a lot and especially at 6am in the morning. I am different...I find that saving what is 23 cents per mile is a bargain...yes, I am thrifty when it comes down to it (but not really thrifty when I am a person and running races...everyone is a little bit!)

Then what is really sick is that I compare it to my last job which was about 2.5 miles away in manhattan (which I ran to as well...same time differential - where I would come 10 minutes after or sometimes equal...where I would compare the mileage to distance and that would be something like 90 cents per mile...so I'm getting a steal!

I'm messed up in the head sometimes, but yes...I don't do well, when it comes to weather and rain...heat I can take...it's just the initial steps, but after I am out the door...I can care less...I am in my own world and zone! Nothing wrong with that...right?

I need to keep writing and get back on the blogging train again...more to come...
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It's been a while

Yes, it has...and I apologies for not writing for about a month or two...it's been especially hard when you go from everyday to feeling guilty and then having more jobs than most that you can handle...it's been tough!

I raced in the Bronx Hald yesterday feeling exceptionally good...most of my "races" have been purely based on ability and maybe since I have been running to work at a consistant sub 8 pace...but the marathon training with both charity groups have definately slowed me down to a harder more challenging pace of beginners in going slower, but that's the reason why I coach. Wintertime is for myself as the summer and fall is for others who are training for the NYC marathon. Yes, I know, I am a busy person and I spread myself thin...too thin sometimes.


Have been picking up part time jobs like the out of print clothing with JL (the other coach last year with the Alzheimer's Team) and team for kids has given me more responsibilities...and dog sitting...but, what lies ahead?

Physical Therepy, running management or well...staying on track till the wintertime...
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