It's been a while

Yes, it has...and I apologies for not writing for about a month or two...it's been especially hard when you go from everyday to feeling guilty and then having more jobs than most that you can handle...it's been tough!

I raced in the Bronx Hald yesterday feeling exceptionally good...most of my "races" have been purely based on ability and maybe since I have been running to work at a consistant sub 8 pace...but the marathon training with both charity groups have definately slowed me down to a harder more challenging pace of beginners in going slower, but that's the reason why I coach. Wintertime is for myself as the summer and fall is for others who are training for the NYC marathon. Yes, I know, I am a busy person and I spread myself thin...too thin sometimes.


Have been picking up part time jobs like the out of print clothing with JL (the other coach last year with the Alzheimer's Team) and team for kids has given me more responsibilities...and dog sitting...but, what lies ahead?

Physical Therepy, running management or well...staying on track till the wintertime...
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