"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone." - Percy Cerutty, running coach

Even I have my limitations, as it was POURING this morning. I ran in the rain on Monday to go to work and it was...well...

Pleasant, but soaked! On Monday, as I stepped out the door the drizzle started coming down...I wasn't that hung over by it, but as I got my breakfast on my stop at Chinatown at a local bakery, the rain started to pour...and it was like that the whole way thru..over the b
Brooklyn Bridge (which I found a pen along the way), past cars waiting (which a person from my High School Track saw me and later facebooked me asking if that runner that was running in the rain at a godly sane hour was actually me...and it was!) And finally getting to the factory soaked...

Today...I differ the experience where I am taking the subway. I run to work because for me and my sane head I actually can and it makes sense for me. Weird thing is and how my brain works is that I could save the $2.25 subway fare and arrive 30 minutes later than when the subway would arrive. I travel to Brooklyn (Sunset Park) which is a good 10 miles. To many that is a lot and especially at 6am in the morning. I am different...I find that saving what is 23 cents per mile is a bargain...yes, I am thrifty when it comes down to it (but not really thrifty when I am a person and running races...everyone is a little bit!)

Then what is really sick is that I compare it to my last job which was about 2.5 miles away in manhattan (which I ran to as well...same time differential - where I would come 10 minutes after or sometimes equal...where I would compare the mileage to distance and that would be something like 90 cents per mile...so I'm getting a steal!

I'm messed up in the head sometimes, but yes...I don't do well, when it comes to weather and rain...heat I can take...it's just the initial steps, but after I am out the door...I can care less...I am in my own world and zone! Nothing wrong with that...right?

I need to keep writing and get back on the blogging train again...more to come...
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