Massage school?

Even when you have gone as far as you can, and everything hurts, and you are staring at the specter of self-doubt, you can find a bit more strength deep inside you, if you look closely enough.
Hal Higdon

Heading into labor day weekend, well...the only thing about that was a busy week that I had before. I started my week with treks to the Swedish Massage Institute in an Open House trial, which intrigued me. The ideas of learning about the muscles and going back to school is one of my options...or maybe one of my fall backs, but there are a lot of negatives involved with this as well: no coaching for two years (longer runs would be cut) for TFK which is on Saturday's. My schedule would be shot, completely and I will be working like a dog once again...my ideal workplace? Working for the NYRR and gaining knowledge and having a type of working environment to succeed in every aspect to work alongside of running and developing the office style of running.

I thought about this long and hard where I even lost sleep because of it and woke up at like 4am one day...uh! It's crazy!

We shall see what my future brings...
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