UN assembly

Take care of yourself. Eat well, rest, train hard and smart, make time to think and breathe. Be intentional with your time.

Kristin Armstrong, Author and runner

All week the dignitaries from different countries are in New York, which makes running and getting around a hassle.

This morning my daily commute to the factory was disrupted by steel fencing...arg! I asked the police officer how to get around, he told me that it was best to run on 2nd Avenue...WTF! It was 6am in the morning and the UN is staked out like a police station...seriously, if someone was going to get through, it would have had to happen overhead or by the river because they got that b#tch tied up tight!

I made my way to 2nd avenue and then turned as a cop/black car/sirens passed me by...wow! That's been happening all week long!

Anyways, very slow run this morning into work as my legs were tired from the 27 miler I did on Tuesday? What am I crazy? When is this doubler that I have...WHAT! Next weekend? Someone has got to show me how to taper properly...
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