Slip, fall!

"I think there is a couple of ways to look at guys stepping up their game. Either be inspired by it or give up. I have always chosen to be inspired."
Ryan Hall, American long distance runner and winner of the 2008 United States Olympic Marathon Trials

So as a coach, you tell your athletes to take care of themselves days and weeks leading up to the marathon.

Watch out and be weiry of everything and to use common sense in trying to save every ounce of energy.

Well...this morning, groggy coach decided not to run into work and take the subway in due to saving energy for the pacing job this weekend in DC for the marine corps marathon with CK.

As I was getting off the subway, I quickly double stepped the stairs and felt my flip flops catch the nosing on one of these stairs...

Uh! Oh!

I quickly placed my hands out as I could feel myself falling in slow motion...uh! The devistation, the humiliation from the people behind me!

I quickly got up like nothing happened and laughed at myself...oh man! What else can you do besides laugh in these situations because everyone else is laughing...

Why not join them?
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