December 7 - Cold...

Walking to the factory now is like walking through the Sahara desert, but just the opposite...wind at your face and the deep freeze that just takes your breathe away.

I'm taking a break from running...which is good, my legs have been hurting me since the cold factor just initiates more irritation.

Going into the factory is like going into a torcher chamber...you sense the deep freeze early on in the morning as everything in your body just starts to freeze over a bit.

Lunch hits as you try to warm up and feeling starts to retain itself...and then needing to go back to work, it starts all over again...

Lunchtime ordering at a place was hilarious, where JL ordered us some grub and kept calling back to the place asking where our order was at? The delivery guy had gotten lost and after about an hour, he finally finds the factory. The intercom communication between the delivery guy and Vinnie (a guy that works at the factory) was hilarious because Vinnie thought it was just a normal delivery for shirts as he asked how many boxes the guy had...he answered 3 (for 3 orders of food) plus since the delivery was late, the restaurant gave us PIE. Thinking about PIE, we all thought we were going to get dessert, but it was actually a PIZZA pie! Not an apple pie...

Oh well...frozen solid at the factory...although tomorrow the heating fan is being installed...BONUS!
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