I'm too nice...

So...BOTH times that I took the plane I accommodated two different people. WTF! Seriously?

The first on the flight to Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to take the entire row to myself, although a gal asked me if she could take the window seat. I said she could and she took advantage of it, where she took my cookie! WYF! Seriously!

The second time was when I was on my way back from Vegas this morning. I had an open seat in the middle and this couple asked me to switch with them so they could sit together...the trade off? An ass hole sitting behind me jamming the seat so I could not recline! Seriously? I didn't say anything to him and patiently awaited for him close up his laptop and go to the bathroom to recline my seat.

But in both incidents, how can you not accommodate other people? What's your reasoning to not accommodate others?
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Laura said...

You should have turned around and asked the guy to allow you to (gently) recline your seat. If that didn't work, get a flight attendant. Knee Defender-like devices are not allowed these days.

Then again, I'm from the school of thought that there is no need to recline your seat unless it's a redeye and the entire plane is sleeping.