TFK Holiday Party

There are a ton of things going on in my life right now as I try to keep one thing straight from the next. Being in a relationship proves difficult for me as I am trying to handle things well...I never usually like to write about my relationships with people on this blog, but hey...why not?

Running has taken a one month hiatus as I have proven one good thing this year: my job opportunities have been proven by my legs as my legs pays my bills. It's scary! Really scary as I think about it more and more and never thought that my life would EVER turn out this way.

The economy still sucks as the job economy is slumping. Just trying to make ends meet, still be a morally good person and remain in high spirits...what else is there to look for in these economic times? But it's the season to be merry and high spirited...it's a good thing!

Last night after work, GW and I tried to get things wrapped up with some decisions for the Half Marathon TFK job. We then rushed on over to the coaches TFK event held by EC...it was a good setting, really homey and a nice feel for Christmas. All the winter coaches were invited as we still awaited confirmation on the restructure. But, business is business and we were all surprised to see MW there as she spoke to us and was in good spirits.

The rest of the night I packed my things for the weekend as I will be celebrating my college roommates wedding: NH and LS are getting married! Of course they had to ask me if I had a marathon that weekend, and book my time way in advanced! Opps! My friends know me way too well!
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Marathon Madrigal said...

wait you hung out with my best friend for life MW!?!?!?!! not going to lie....a little bit upset about that.