Well...I was contacted by two different people today, both running related where both were two different incidents.

One: Team for Kids Vs Flotrack

There has been a huge problem with the new Flotrack website in a revamping issue. Since I am the person who posts items for Team for Kids, I was dragged into this mess...

The problem was based on how the old website didn't even match up with the new website (which, they wanted to make better)

I wrote to them saying this:

The other contact was from my BROOKS sponsorship, which I have received word in the beginning of the year (or was it close to the end of last year) and now they are contacting us about various races, incentives and races!

Ok, maybe I am getting a little too excited here, but they offered somewhat of some "free" races to first come first serve people who respond...of course I love everything for FREE! So, I contacted them requesting...to get a free bib in August for the 1/2 marathon in Providence...why not right?

I also asked to help promote Brooks products of various other things for my Alzheimer's Association Run to Remember team...

Our uniforms are usually enforced (enforced? Maybe that was not the real word to put it...but maybe a little less strong such as...choose? Pick? Select? Advised?...) that we get it from Asics because then we can put the official NYC marathon logo with ING (since they sponsor it) but we are looking elsewhere for a good price on Uniforms (Singlets) and other items such as Jackets and Promotional gifts from the chapter (I represent the Alzheimer's Association due to my mother having the Alzheimer's Disease)

Most of the team members (repeats) know that I represent Brooks and the ID program as I am wondering if:One: Is there a website where we can purchase Team Gear for a good price for this event?

Two: Is there a way we can get a discount on promoting Brooks gear (shoes, apparel, etc?)

Three: Is there a way that I can give some free promo items (for a fundraising event, etc?)

Ok...totally off the subject...

Thought this was funny at work today:

1. Go to Google Maps and click get directions.
2. Write U.S.A. as your start point.
3. Write Japan or China as your destination.
4. Go to the 31st point on your route.

There it says...

To Kayak across the Pacific Ocean...
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