Sunday, January 16 - 21 miles...

21 miles...

1.8 miles up to TFK practice due to the fact that the subways were not working properly going across town and uptown...so I decided to run (in my mind it is so much faster on the weekend or any occasion, since I can beat the subways on a regular weekday.

7.2 miles for TFK practice @ a 10:20 pace going the entire loop with a new runner, trying to give all the advice I can give to a newbie runner.

Then...after that, 12 miles (2 loops) of the entire Central Park loop...miserable, due to the fact that I was running at a faster rate (the first loop @ a 7:15 pace per mile) and the second loop trying to contain myself a little more at an 8 minute pace per mile (although doing a 7:45 pace starting off and then accelerating at Harlem Hills going up the hills and hearing footsteps behind me...closer...closer! I need to speed up, although by that time I had been tired and felt the exhaustion set in. My energy levels were off as well due to not taking any gels or gu's during these long runs. I practice this as energy is stored or extended my lactate threshold and energy intake.).

The person (female) passes me as I compliment her on the trudging hills, she doesn't hear me, she's too busy listening to her ipod or tunes. I quickly decide to chase, although at times just try to hang on and go my own pace, but keep my sites on her...this is good practice for the real race where you can gain this type of motivation off of people and not give up...

I am frozen!

Completely frozen where my mind is fried, my legs are done and sore and completely done.
This was the first LONG run for the beginning of the year as it is all calculated to being a 20 miler run...first since the month layoff and feeling very wrecked, but the pace was good.

I think about next weekends half marathon where I am going to "race," but no where even close to where I want to be at. It will take some time...patience...patience.

I go to NYRR to pick up my things, go to the subway and go home...eat...nap...

When I woke up...I felt as though I was hit by a mack truck...very bad...so sore and wondered...how did I ever do this?
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