The long road home...

Dear Grandma,

We shared some great memories as I know your spirit is at a better place. You are with Grandpa now and with Rolly, enjoying a nice walk and a better life.

We will miss you here though as times will be hard, joyful and solemn. But we will always have lasting memories. Some memories that you lost for the past 8 years with the Alzheimer's Disease.

My mind always races back to when I was little as you would take care of us. I remember climbing into bed as you tucked me in and made sure everything was always ok.

Memories of you always asking if we had eaten or not. And when we always said we had, you still offered more food to us...as we explained we had eaten pizza, you would gasp and say " PIIIIZZZZAA!!!" Like it was the worst thing to eat. But those are the fond memories. You were always caring, thoughtful and that was always in your nature. You always would put us in front and make sure that we were ok, safe and secure.

I have learned yesterday that time is precious. I have always taken for granted the past 10 years...look back at the past 10 years, where both you and grandpa were so youthful. I regret the moments that we could have shared, the happiness, rejoice and memories...

We will never say goodbye, because I know you will always be there with me in my life. You shared your best qualities and always taught us the right ways.

My only regret is the last goodbye I had said to you. I knew the time was near, but never knew that it was going to be the last.

Your spirit lives forever and believe you need to move on to a happier life.

We will never say good bye Grandma and thank you for everything.
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Marathon Madrigal said...

Coach again I am so sorry about your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.