Thursday -Signs...

There are many different signs that boggle my mind when I think about how my grandmother left...

3 sneezes:
My grandmother taught us a saying for 3 sneezes in chinese to wish you a blessing. I found this strange when my grandmother left us after her sneezes and how my Aunt said those three blessings for the sneezes right before my grandmother left.

Since my grandmother had the Alzheimer's Disease, the color significant to that disease: Purple. My grandmother was wearing a purple cloak as her final garment. The Empire State Building's colors were Yellow and Purple (westminister dog show) that first night of the wake and the flags and signs for the cars during the funeral session were the color purple...weird?

The number 8...
My grandmother was almost 88 years of age, she had alzheimer's for 8 years and the chinese significant for good luck is the number 8.

My grandmother was a very lucky person. She really brought luck into our lives and we should be lucky to share her personality, her honor and her luck. She raised my family well and I thank her for that.
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