The Funeral


Who really knows, who cares...

My grandmother was such a good lady. It was our final goodbye's today...it seemed so final and wrong.

Life...the joys of a birth, the sorrows of death and the finalized that everyone goes through with life's struggles.

It's scary sometimes that nothing else in the world matters once a tragic thing happens in your life. Every little bit just vanishes and you are left with simple effects in life...family/friends, life, love and laughter.

It was a long day...as we had the morning ceremony, the concession of saying goodbye as each and every family broke down...it was just so hard to watch my cousin (who daily cared for my grandmother) as he is one of the closest of family members to keep the "glue" tied with all.

Seeing all of our families to say our last goodbyes, it was rather sad and hard to deal with. Seeing my mother break was even more heartbreaking because she kept busy with everything...she's a busy bee and when it was finally time to say good-bye it was really sad to see my mother finally release all of her emotions and grieve.

I thought I was going to be ok...I mean I teared up from time to time, but when the final run of friends lined up...then siblings had to say our final goodbye, it was really sad and I lost it...my sister turned around to take care of me, but really it was just that last thought...the struggles for 8 years, the lasting impressions.

After that moment, I was ok, but the rest of the family teared up and then the emotions just poured...I guess I spread the flood gates of emotion.

But that is that.

We drove up to the cemetery, did the final ceremony and the sad part was seeing her go...

It was a long day...after that, eating with the family and honoring my grandma...

But deep down, I know need to always remember that my grandmother was always gone from that moment she left us, her spirit still lives and is with us all...

I need to always remember that...always!

Love you grandma, I will always cherish the good times we shared and wished that we could have had you back for those 8 years...but time is lost and we will always cherish the memories.

I will keep fighting for you...and all the other families with the disease...
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