I had a dream last night where it was an interesting story...my grandma was maybe telling me something.

In my dream, I can recollect my cousin, Eric being there, where my grandma was escaping...with the help from my cousin.

She was on a bus I can recall and she had told me the everything will be ok and not to tell anyone that she is gone.
She's ok...she's in a better place. Definitely!

As far as running goes, it's so non-existant! I don't know, why I'm taking it easy...guess, I just have to taper from here on in...I know that I am not in the same shape I was at last year...most of my ailments are out of the way as I am "healthy" as can be...but we'll see! We'll see how we do in 3 weeks...in a little town called Beantown...

And then a short 2 weeks (more like 1.5) after on the coasts of Cali at Big Sur...challenge! Yes, definitely a challenge!

I'm so not ready!

Run hard, run strong...run from the heart!
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