Bridge work

So...probably not the best idea heading into the Boston Marathon doing some hill repeats on the most hated bridge in New York City...to NYC marathon folks at least!

I'm talking about the Queensborough Bridge, where the nasty lays at mile 16 for the NYC marathon.

My idea, since I was so short on time and I have lacked the modivation that I have been trying to seek for my modivation of running, was to go up and down the bridge at a good race pace and do that for 2-3 times...pondering if 3 hard and 3 light would be the best way about it...half way through, I was hating each step and each back and forth.

I felt good though. Although, the first run across I found that this crazy lady was walking straight at me...it was my roommate SL. I was pondering why she had been across the bridge as she said she goes to this really cheap dry cleaning place...going across the bridge for dry cleaning? Really?

Anyways...I felt good and for the first cross and felt as though I can maximize the intensity by doing it back and forth at the same intensity levels with a little bit of rest inbetween and have a good speedwork with maximum efforts.

I decided to cut 6 (3 high and 3 low) into 4 high...it was pretty intense for a 5.5 mile workout as I needed this mentally to get ready for the hills in Newton. I could only imagine this as Boston College students line the course and scream, yell and hollar at the marathoners of words of encouragement to trudge up the hills...

I ended up with a 6:52 pace all together and I was pretty satisfied with this...although come race day (t-minus 5 days?) As I am not at all excited...


I'm not ready...for the first time for the Boston Marathon, I am not at all excited for this race. I usually get REALLY excited...especially for this one...since it's the big race! Well this also has to do with most of my High School friends making this "event" an event!

It's awesome...well...getting slightly excited now...
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